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What is Reiki? 

Energy healing and therapeutic touch has been used in cultures throughout the world for centuries. The traditional Usui System of Natural Healing is the most widely practiced today and was discovered and shared by Mikao Usui in the early 1900's. Reiki is Universal Life Energy and it is channeled through the practitioner for the greatest and highest good of the client or situation. Reiki treats the client's body, mind, spirit, and emotions, which can aid in alleviating stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and other issues. Reiki is meant to be supplemental and incorporated into your health care plan.

If you would like more information on the history of Reiki, please ask during consult. There are several resources available that I would love to share with you.

"A single act of kindness can cause ripples of healing"



Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and encourages homeostasis and balance in the mind, body, and spirit. It is said to unlock the flow of Chi or "life force energy" by reducing or eliminating blockages. For more information ask in consultation, I have some pretty powerful resources and peer-reviewed articles that I would love to share! 

 Reiki sessions can be facilitated in person or via video conference. 

Sound healing can help you clear energetic blockage, aiding in healing on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Using Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, sound baths can be offered as one on one sessions or for groups of two or more. This is a very meditative experience and it is suggested you bring a comfortable blanket and pillow for the session. 

Sometimes without even realizing it, we are carrying old, toxic, yuck energies around with us. It builds up over time and just like your home, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Clearing can be offered in addition to traditional or long distance Reiki sessions, or as its own service. We offer a variety of tools for you to choose from, or we can create a custom plan during consultation.  

 I offer a variety of coaching services that will nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, and promote you to achieve your true potential. I cater to each of my client’s personal needs in order to help them to self-actualize and find empowerment. Utilizing tools like mindset shifting, self-care planning, and reframing thinking patterns, we will create a plan that works for you. Book a free consult to start your proactive journey today. 

Buddhist Singing Bowl

"Everything You Need is Already Inside of You" 

William J. Bowerman

Shared Experiences

"I recently had my first Reiki session. I am a novice in participation and wasn't sure what to expect. Frankly, this stuff all seemed very hocus pocus to me however, Cherrielee was calm and confident which helped me to receive what was being offered. This was a unique experience that brought peace and contentment the following days. Thank you for your attention."

- D.L. 

It’s been years since I had a reiki session but with so much going on in life I was really feeling like I needed an energetic reset. And I’m so glad I found SSHH Reiki!

Cherrielee has a very warm & inviting vibe that I felt instantly comfortable with. During our session I was immediately at ease and connected to her energy and light. There were a few times that I could’ve swore she had more than 2 hands on me! I hadn’t been sleeping well in recent weeks and the night of our session, I slept like a baby.

Truly amazing and will definitely see her again. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!


"I have never done Reiki before but after meeting and talking with Cherrielee for just a few minutes, I felt very comfortable. She was great and I felt much better after the session. A friend recommended her to me and I am so glad he did. I will definitely be back for regular sessions." 

- M.S.

"5 Stars all the way. The entire experience is just incredible. I had no idea that this stuff even existed but I am sure glad I was turned onto it. Cherrielee speaks about each persons power and how we are all divinely created to utilize that connection. She really helped me to tap into myself. I am now a regular client and will be for a very long time"

- C.P.

"I reached out for some coaching and started working with Cherrielee about 9 months ago. In that time, I have learned so much about myself and the way I interact with the world. I have found a sense of purpose and empowerment that I didn’t even know I was missing! She is very kind and good at helping people to see what their blocks are and then strategizing ways to get around them in a way that is effective and practical. If you are willing to do the work, she is a great guide for real-life change. I am grateful for our working relationship and plan to be a client for the long run!"

- N.C.

"I highly recommend Sshh Wellness.

The atmosphere of the building is open and calming as soon as you walk-in. Cherrielee has such a presence I felt comfortable right away. She is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about the traditions and history of this practice.

I didn’t know much about Reiki coming in and want to know everything about self healing methods and “tapping into Source” (as they say). Cherrielee was able to clearly paint a picture in my mind of what could happen and how the process works.

After a quick questionnaire about my goals for the session and what areas we should focus attention on, she began the process.

 My mind was being rather loud (racing); but after a few minutes it stopped and I achieved unwavering focus. It came at first in blurry vibrations of color that seemed to dance over my closed eyelids, as she moved through each hand position I could sense more relaxation from both mind and body and my breaths became deeper and more meaningful.

There was one point during the session that was pure connection through something bigger than both of us and I felt/ heard/ experienced something I have never felt before. (I’m not crying, you’re crying.)

Hard to explain; but after I told Cherrielee what I had experienced she explained to me what mantra she was reciting to herself at that moment and it made more sense. Just wow. A truly incredible experience. I believe with more sessions the more open I will be to receive.

Definitely would love to get more into the mindful coaching techniques as well; as I think there would be many benefits and insights I could use.

It’s really something!!"

- J.S.

Cherrielee is a safe and comforting presence. I can tell she's passionate about this work and I trust her to hold space for my healing needs. I highly recommend booking with her!

- K.G.

"The reiki sessions and energy work are something I can’t even explain. Since beginning energy treatments, I have learned to respond differently to life stress and just feel a sense of overall peace, especially right after session. I am so grateful I was introduced to this type of healing and to Cherrielee. She even offers guidance on affirmations and different meditation practices that I can do outside of sessions. We created a self-care plan in two sessions and it is really helping me to prioritize time for myself in the midst of the humdrum of daily life."

- C.C.


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